Feldkirch weekly market twice a week – local produce of the finest quality

Numerous fruit and vegetable growers from Feldkirch and the surrounding area supply their customers with lovingly planted, nurtured and cultivated, and therefore freshly-harvested, local produce. In addition, many great products from various direct sellers are also on offer. Fresh fish, cheese from Bregenz Forest and the finest gourmet foods from Italy and France complete the large selection.

“Shopping at ‘Our Market’ in beautiful, historic, medieval Marktgasse involves purchasing high-quality local produce from people who are committed to lovingly ensuring that their customers’ tables only contain the very best food,” is the motto of Market Manager, Stefanie Purtscher.

Service is a top priority for the “porters” at Feldkirch’s weekly market, “Our Market”. They are more than happy to carry customers’ shopping to their car, or keep an eye on shopping “left” at the service desk while you take a short stroll around Feldkirch, or enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many catering establishments. The “porters” are back in action every Saturday, and up-to-date, interesting information is always available at the service desk.


Weekly market in Marktgasse
Everyday products
Tue 8 am – 12 noon
Sat 8 am – 12 noon

Farmers’ market in Marktgasse
Home-grown produce
From early April to late November
The 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month

Stadtmarketing und Tourismus Feldkirch GmbH

Stefanie Purtscher T +43 (0)664/4229741